Cezanne’s Atelier

By Libbie Summers A long shelf is hung on the western wall. A window that covers nearly all of the Northern wall letting in the perfect “paint by” light. A table, a drawer, a short ladder, a high easel, a potbellied store, a sofa, a few chairs, two coats, two hats –the items that posed... Read More »

A Postcard from France

By Libbie Summers Edited by Candace Brower I’m blessed to be with my family in the South of France all week recharging my creative and culinary brain –observing, eating, shopping, writing and cooking with a fantastic chef! So, naturally, it’s France week!! I’ll be devouring and sharing “French Things” all week. First…just a taste... Read More »

Party Tips: Designer Photo Booth

By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey Photography by Teresa Earnest Ever want to know what it looks like to live inside of a banana leaf Dorothy Draper”ish” print? Forget the photo booth, THIS is the coolest party fun for the design crowd! Just pick a dark room AND have your party guests wear... Read More »