Sweet and Vicious Fringe Cuff


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From an early age she played cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood boys…they the cowboys…she the sole Indian. She wore small headdresses she fashioned from found feathers and would hide in the woods just waiting to scare the toy gun-wielding boys as they ran past. Somehow they always saw her first.

Now a young woman with a unique style all her own (that still includes a headdress and a flashy pink fringed leather cuff or two), she can look back on her childhood days in the imaginary West and realize it was the showy feathers atop her head that gave her whereabouts away….never the tracking genius of the cowboys.


  • Frosting pink metallic butter-soft leather is the sweet part of these custom cuffs. The five inches of fringe hanging from your wrist when you wave to your ex-boyfriend? That’s the vicious part!
  • Cuffs are double sided pink metallic leather with two brass uber-secure snaps to accommodate smaller and larger wrists.
  • Cuff Width: 1 ¾-inches
  • Cuff fits wrist sizes from under 5½ to 7 ¼-inches
  • Fringe length: 5-inches
  • Leather thickness: 1/8-inches

Sweet and Vicious Fringe Cuffs are handmade exclusively for Libbie Summers by Satchel in Savannah, GA.
Quantities are limited. 

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