Sweet and Vicious Tassel (turquoise)


$42 includes shipping and handling

She’ll put a tassel on anything. On a recent glamorous camping trip to Portland, a large colorful bird landed on her shoulder..so she put a tassel on it.


  • These uber-rich tassels are so stinkin’ chic! Clip on a handbag, key ring, necklace chain, curtain tie-back, dog’s collar or anything you want to have a pop of chic-swish. Put a tassel on it!
  • Material: Not your average tassel. These tassels are made from butter-soft metallic leather with a strong brass clip. They were designed with an inch longer fringe than most tassels for a big wow factor.
  • Color: Turquoise Metallic Leather
  • Clip: Gold Brass
  • Length: 6 ½ inches (from top of clip to bottom of tassel)
  • Clip Opening: 3/8-inch

Tassels are handmade exclusively for Libbie Summers by Satchel in Savannah, GA.
Quantities are limited.

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