DIY: Quick, Easy and ADORABLE Centerpiece (VIDEO)

By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey I’ve been collecting milk glass bud vases for years. Let’s face it, every flower looks good in a white vase! Many years ago, I had to do a dinner party on the fly and needed a centerpiece and this magic happened. I’ve been using it ever since.... Read More »

Handmade Stockings To Stuff

By Libbie Summers Photography by Teresa Earnest Photography Each year, I sew new Christmas stockings. It’s a labor of love, because I don’t love sewing. Actually, I don’t even like sewing…but I love Christmas stockings! I wish I could tell you I use a certain pattern, but I don’t. I just draw a new... Read More »

Pig Party (VIDEO)

By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey I hope you put on your most festive look and some bluegrass music and party till the pigs come home this holiday season! Learn how to make these Party Pig Ornaments HERE! Read More »

Bermudan Eggnog

By Libbie Summers Photography by Chia Chong I’ve been making this rum laced egg nog for years. One particular holiday party, I rented an old-fashioned bubble drink machine and filled it with the eggnog so my guests could help themselves! I thought it would be so fun and look cool bubbling away on the... Read More »

DIY: Pom Pom Tree Skirt

by Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey Photography by Teresa Earnest I’m not going to lie. This tree skirt was a labor of love. I would work on it for a few hours, then walk away from it for a couple of days. It took around 700 pom poms to make it and by... Read More »
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