A Bandana-Inspired Holiday

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography byTeresa Earnest Social

When an iconic pattern/print takes over your creative mind, really fun things can happen. Sure they aren’t for everybody, but maybe just a little takeaway from this room of crazy can help you decorate your holiday this year. Maybe just wear one of my Pom Pom Bandanas from the Yum Yum Smile Shop or make a bandana ornament, or wear a vintage bandana print jumpsuit, or make a bandana backdrop, or bandana up the ends of your fireplace logs, or sew festive stockings. It’s not all or nothing here…but all is really kind of great!

1. Bandana-Inspired Holiday Style
Bandana print jumpsuit, Libbie Summers Wears, Bandana Style, Bandana Holiday Style, Holiday Style
Pom Pom Bandana from Yum Yum Smile Shop
1960’s Vintage Bandana Print Jumpsuit from Birthday Life Vintage on Etsy
Glitter Boots from J Crew
Relaxed Boy Shirt in Crinkle Gingham from J Crew


2. Bandana Ornaments


3. Bandana Stockings
Holiday stockings, Bandana stockings, Fun Holiday Stockings, Handmade Holiday stockings
More handmade stocking ideas HERE!

4. Bandana Gift Wrapping
Bandana, Festive Gift Wrap, Unique Gift Wrap, Holiday Gift Wrap, Western Gift Wrap
On our packages, we used a bandana printed ribbon and festooned the gifts with blocks of bandana scraps and loose bandana “bows”.

5. Bandana Fireplace Logs
Decorating a Fireplace, Fireplace Log Crafts, Libbie Summers Crafts, Bandana Christmas,
If you have a non-working fireplace like we do in the studio, have some fun with it. We decoupaged the ends of birch logs with colorful bandana scraps.
Maybe you like gingham better? Check this video out.

6. Bandana Toy Horse Blankets for Stocking Hangers
Stocking Hangers, Unique Stocking Hangers, Libbie Summers Holidays, Happy Holidays, Bandana Holidays, Holiday Crafts

Happy Holidays!

A Dinner Out of Left Field

By Libbie Summers

There are a lot of cool things that happen in Augusta, GA that don’t have anything to do with golf. One of them is Westobou Festival (an ambitious and innovative, ever-evolving multi-arts festival dedicated to enriching the cultural fabric, economic sustainability and social vitality of the Southeastern United States region.)

Over the course of five fantastic days every autumn, the festival transforms downtown Augusta into a vibrant, creative playground where friends, family, neighbors and visitors connect and celebrate infinite creative possibilities. This year, Westobou Festival has started a “meal series” where they pair like minded chefs and artists who will prepare and present meals in interesting, non-traditional venues that employ creative, elevated and unique concepts with rich thematic ties. And guess what! I’m doing one with artist, Leonard “porkchop” Zimmerman. I couldn’t be more excited about this event and getting to spend more time with Leonard and the folks at Westobou. The venue is SRP Park and yep, you guessed it. The dinner will be served in left field. My crew and I are headed to Augusta to cook you “ballpark food” like you never dreamed of. This ain’t no popcorn and peanuts meal…or is it? We are going to CRUSH THIS FOR YOU!!

Cocktails before dinner will be on second base because I believe everyone should get to second base at least one time that night. 🙂

DATE: Friday, October 5, 2018
Time: 7:00pm
Tickets are now on sale HERE!
Westobou Festival, Out of Left Field, Libbie Summers, Leonard "porkchop" zimmerman

Happy, Leonard "porkchop" Zimmerman, Westobou Festival, Happy
Leonard “porkchop” Zimmerman just makes me smile!
Augusta, Georgia, SRP Park, Meal Series, Libbie Summers, Leonard Zimmerman, Westobou Festival
Quite possibly the coolest private dinner venu ever!!

DIY Flower Balloon Party Backdrop (VIDEO)

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

I’m throwing a Happy Spring party this week and needed a cool party backdrop for fun party pics! It had to be colorful AND affordable. BOOM! #nailedit

Get the DIY HERE!
Kid's Party Backdrop, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Flower Power, Party Decorations, Balloon Flowers, Instagram Backdrops, Party,

DIY Flower Balloon

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

I’m obsessed with all things balloon shaped. Before this post, I could pop out a balloon dog on demand. Now, I can do a flower. Who knows where I’ll go next!

Balloon Flowers, Making a Balloon Flower, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Party Decoration, Kid's Parties, Fun Crafts, Parties

Balloon Flower DIY

What you need: 
#260 balloons (Twisting balloons are measured by the inflated size, so the 260 is 2 inches in diameter thick and 60 inches long when inflated.)
Balloon air pump
Small 5″ round balloons (optional)
Balloon Flower, Balloon Air Pump, Party Supplies, DIY making Balloon Animals, Libbie Summers

What to do:
Here’s the deal, I could walk you through a step by step of making a balloon flower, but it was THIS guy’s video that showed me how to do it. We watched this video about 3 times and practiced making a flower while we were watching. David naturally nailed it because he has experience as a former employee of Party City (a story for another time), but it took me a few more times.
Watch the video HERE!

Now the fun part! Just start making flowers! I wanted to make a backdrop for a Happy Spring party, so we used the colors of Spring. How fun would it be to cover an entire wall with balloon flowers for the perfect affordable and colorful party backdrop!

Watch how it all came together here!

Kid's Party Backdrop, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Flower Power, Party Decorations, Balloon Flowers, Instagram Backdrops, Party,

Jelly Beans and Bunnies Easter Tablescape

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

An Easter lunch table is the perfect time to have a little fun. I love this table for so many reasons, from the gingham chair cushions to the papier mache bunnies! What I love most? Dessert on the table in the form of jelly beans! 

Paper Mache, Craft, Libbie Summers, DIY, Easter, Pastel Colors, Jelly Beans, Bunny, Rabbit, Easter Bunny,

Jelly Bean and Bunny Easter Tablescape
serves 4

What you need: 
Adorable hand-sewn gingham cushions
Chair cushions, Gingham, Hand sewing, Easy sewing, Pillows, A food-inspired life, Libbie Summers
3 Papier Mache Bunnies (lavender, pink and a certain shade of orange) for the center of the table
Get the HOW TO HERE! 
Easter Crafts, DIY Easter, Easter Tablescape, A food-inspired life, Libbie Summers, Easter Bunnies, Pom Poms
Pink glassware, vintage bunny pressed glass dishes, white plates, flatware, torn gingham fabric napkins and JELLY BEANS!!!!!
Place Settings, Easter Party, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Happy Tables, Jelly Beans
Bunny costume with festive Easter hat (optional)
Easter, Easter parties, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Bunny Costume, Libbie Summers

Happy Easter!!


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