Food-inspired Fashion: Lobster Fest

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography by Teresa Earnest Social

There’s nothing about a blue, white and red combination that I don’t love –even wearing it on my wedding day! I’m loving this fun look for a stay at home lobster fest or a trip to Southwest Harbor Maine.

Lobster Fest Look, Lobster Sweater, Vintage Gingham Pants, White Bucks, Libbie Summers Fashion, Food-inspired Fashion, Easy Fashion, Colorful Clothing

The recipe for this look: 
Polka Blouse: J. Crew (similar from Boden)
Lobster Stripe Sweater: Kate Spade
Gingham Pants: Vintage
White Bucks: Bass
Backpack: Anello Japan
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Glasses: Peepers Centerstage

Anello Backpack, Libbie Summers Style, White Bucks, Japanese Backpack

This backpack was the first instagram purchase I ever made. Full disclosure, it took 3 months to
come from Japan. But it is super fun and decidedly worth the wait!

Red White and Blue Clothing, Lobster Sweater, Kate Spade, Vintage Gingham Pants, Daniel Wellington Watch, Food-inspired fashion

The photographer, Teresa Earnest, just said something very off color…which is why I adore her!


DIY: Pom Pom Clown Shoes

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

Clown Portrait: Liesa Cole Photography
Clown Stylist: Mindi Shapiro
Clown Hair: Mark Hyde
Clown Makeup: Erin London

Clowns get a bad wrap. I always thought it was about those oversized shiny red shoes. I’m changing the way clowns are perceived…starting with the feet up! 

Libbie Summers, Pom Poms, Clown Costume, Clown Shoes, Pom Pom Crafts, Halloween Costume, Liesa Cole, Studio Goodlight, #libbiesprinkles

DIY: Pom Pom Clown Shoes
makes 1 pair
Materials list, Pom Pom Clown Shoes, Clown Costume, Halloween, Sprinkles the Clown, Libbie Summers, Party Costumes
What you need: 
1 glue gun with glue sticks
Premade pom poms in 2 sizes (each pair of shoes used approximately 240 small and 100 medium)
1 pair shoes (I used pale pink “faux keds” from Target)
2 (24-inch) pieces of ribbon (I used grey)
2 small handmade yarn pom poms (get Pom Pom DIY HERE)
2 medium-sized handmade pom poms
1 pair scissors

What to do: 
Clown Costume, Clown Shoes, Libbie Summers, Crafts, Halloween Costume, Fun Clown Costume
Step One: Using a hot glue gun attach the medium-sized pom poms around the base of the shoe (making sure to leave a little gap from the bottom of the shoe). Then fill in the other area on the top of the shoe and back of the shoe with the small pom poms. Continue until both shoes are covered.
Pro Tip: I pulled all the colors of pom poms I wanted to use together first and separated them into piles of the same color. It made it easier to not use the same color next to each other.
Clown Costume, Libbie Summers, Crafts, Costume Making, Halloween Costumes, Fun Clown
Step Two: Remove old shoe laces and replace them with a big ribbon.
PRO TIP: Never throw away a new shoe lace. They are fun to mix and match between shoes…it’s what a lazy clown would do
Clown Shoes, Clown Costume, Libbie Summers, Halloween Costume, Happy Clown, Sprinkles the Clown, Kid's Parties
Step Three: Tie the handmade pom poms onto the ribbon shoe laces.
Clown Shoes, Fun Clown Costume, DIY Clown Costume, Clown Crafts, Kid's Parties
Striped Socks Optional.



DIY: Key To My Heart Necklaces

by Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

I ran across a small bowl of skeleton keys at a local antiques market and thought they would make great necklaces…all they needed was a little Libbie color and flair! Give them to all your girlfriends and save a few for yourself. They look fab when worn in multiples! 

What you need: 
Antique skeleton keys
Fine grit sanding paper
Spray paint
3/8″ velvet ribbon
Small pom poms (DIY Here)
Libbie Summers, DIY, How To, Mother's Day, Gifts, Gift ideas

What To Do:
1. Use a fine grit sandpaper to remove rust and tarnish from your antique keys.
2. Carefully spray paint one side of your key, let dry and spray the other side.
3. Measure and cut your ribbon long enough to hang around your neck and tie at the top.
4. Tie your key to the ribbon and attach your small flair. (I used a small pom pom!)

Libbie Summers, DIY, How To, Mother's Day, Gifts, Gift ideas Libbie Summers, DIY, How To, Mother's Day, Gifts, Gift ideas
Libbie Summers, DIY, How To, Mother's Day, Gifts, Gift ideas Libbie Summers, DIY, How To, Mother's Day, Gifts, Gift ideas
Libbie Summers, DIY, How To, Mother's Day, Gifts, Gift ideas

My New Years Eve Date is a…

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography by Teresa Earnest Photography
Model: Joshua Summers

…stone cold fox and I adore him more than anything! Who else besides such a wonderful husband and friend would let me subject them to this type of shit.

I love you Joshua Summers. Here’s to a joy filled, loving, inspiring and playful 2018!!
Fox Head, Fox Costume, Fox in a Tux, Libbie Summers, Happy New Year, Husband of the year
Sleeping Fox Needlepoint Pillow: Custom by Sydney Kiefner
Fox Artwork on Embroidery Hoop available through: Custard Boutique
Teak Tree Handmade by: Nick Gant

Crafts, Fox Heads, Papier-Mache, Paper Mache, Libbie Summers, DIY Animal Busts, A food-inspired life, Foxes, Fox
Learn to make the papier-mache fox heads HERE!
Fox Costume, Fox Head, New Years Eve, Libbie Summers, Joshua Summers
Fox, Fox Head, Fox Costume, Libbie Summers, Joshua Summers, Man in Tux, Fox Needlepoint
It’s going to be a great year…I can smell it!

6 Casual-chic Holiday Party Looks

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography by Teresa Earnest Photography
Location: The Grant Hotel courtesy of Lucky Savannah 

It’s not a high/low thing for me, it’s a chic/comfort thing . I learned a long time ago that cowboy boots under a long skirt allows me to dance the night away or one fancy piece paired with a simple clean lined piece makes me feel in the party spirit while still being me! Here are a few of my recent go to casual chic holiday party looks!

1. Classic Christmas
Holiday Party Looks, Maxi Skirt, Shabby Apple Skirt, J Crew Cardigan, Libbie Summers Look, A food-inspired life, Holiday Parties
Maxi Plaid Skirt: Shabby Apple
Sequined Polka Cardigan: J Crew
Red Beret: Free People
Cinnabar Bracelets and Ring: Vintage and Zia Boutique

2. Happy Leopard
Party Style, Holiday Party Style, Libbie Summers Style, Fashion, Happy Holidays
Cotton Leopard Printed Sweater: Boden
Satin Skirt: Past Season Brooks Brothers
Patent Leather Loafers: Repetto

3. Bird Dog Dressy
Party Looks, Holiday Party Looks, Libbie Summers Style, J Crew
Holiday Fashion, Libbie Summers Fashion, Holiday Parties, Casual Chic, J Crew, Nine West Shoes
Pheasant Cardigan: J Crew
Gold Satin Pleated Midi Skirt: J Crew
Emerald Velvet Buckle Pumps: 9 West

4. Cotton Candy Christmas
Maxi Ruffled Skirt, Billy Reid Sweater, Fisherman's Sweater, Libbie Summers Style, Party Style, Casual Chic
Fun Necklaces, Happy Necklaces, Gunner and Lux, Libbie Summers, Holiday Style, Party Style
Fisherman’s Sweater: Billy Reid (past season)
Ruffled Maxi Skirt: Similar to what I’m wearing…I have no idea where I got this.
La La The Lamb Necklace: Gunner and Lux (not just for littles!)

5. Hog Wild Holiday 
Party Looks, Party Fashion, Holiday Party Fashion, Libbie Summers, Casual Chic
Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater: Vince
Ruffled Maxi Skirt: Similar to what I’m wearing…again, I have no idea where I got this skirt
Shoes: none

6. Sweatshirts and Sequins
Casual Chic Fashion, Libbie Summers Fashion, Libbie Summers Style, Sequins, J Crew, Silver Shoes, Rachel Comey
Casual Chic, Happy Holidays, Libbie Summers Style, J Crew, Rachel Comey, Silver, Sequins, Navy Sweatshirt,
Navy Sweatshirt: J Crew
Silver Sequin Skirt: Custard Boutique
Silver Shoes: Rachel Comey (similar)



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