Lemonade Game Changer

By Libbie Summers
Photography by Jade + Matthew Take Photos
Model: Jade McCully

Trust me on this one. The quality of your lemonade is measured by the quality of your ice cube! These Maple Ice Cubes are a Summer beverage game changer.
Lemonade Game Changer from Libbie Summers (photo by Jade and Matthew Take Photos)

Maple Ice Cubes
(giant maple spiked cubes)

1 cup Pappy & Co. Pure Maple Syrup
Giant Silicone Ice Cube Tray
Freshly squeezed and unsweetened lemonade

1. Stir maple syrup into 3 cups warm water until dissolved.

2. Pour into extra large ice cube trays and freeze.

3. Add one cube (two if you have a sweet tooth) to a glass and pour unsweetened freshly squeezed lemonade over.
Lemonade Recipe with Maple Ice Cubes from Libbie Summers (photo by Jade and Matthew Take Photos)

Kiwi Margaritas

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Joshua Grotheer
Photography by Cedric Smith

Silver tequila is the key here….don’t even try gold. You’ve spent a lot of money on the kiwi and all that wrist time squeezing the limes. Don’t be stingy with the booze.

Kiwi Margarita from Libbie Summers (photography by Cedric Smith)

Kiwi Margarita
makes 2

2 kiwi, peeled and pureed or smashed with a fork
2-3 cups ice
4 limes, juiced (enough to yield 4 ounces of juice)
4 ounces silver tequila
1 ounce simple syrup
Flake sea salt for garnish

Run the cut side of a lime around the rim of two 8-ounce glasses and dip each rim into the flake sea salt. Fill a large cocktail shaker with ice. Add the citrus juice, tequila, simple syrup and kiwi puree to the shaker and shake vigorously. Pour into the two glasses and garnish with a sprinkle of salt on top of each drink.

You know what this margarita is great with?
Fish Tacos with Kiwi Salsa from Libbie Summers (photos by Cedric Smith)

Get the recipe for my Fish Tacos with Kiwi Salsa HERE.

Root Beer Float Flight

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

There’s only one beer I’ll ever order a flight of and that’s root beer and it better come with ice cream.

Perfect for a dinner party dessert! Who doesn’t love a root beer float…or any float for that matter?
Root Beer Float Flight from Libbie Summers
Important float tip…ALWAYS put a little soda in the bottom of the glass before scooping in the ice cream!
Super cute chalk board arrow drink flight set up available at Grace Graffiti (comes with chalk board arrow, chalk and 4 tall shot type glasses).

For more fun float inspiration, follow my FLOATING pinterest board.
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Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Recipe and Styling by Libbie Summers
Photography by Chia Chong
Originally posted on Salted and Styled

A jaunty addition to any cocktail.

Edible Flower Ice Cubes
makes 12 extra large cubes

Distilled water, boiled and cooled
2 extra large ice cube trays (we used silicone “bourbon” ice trays that make 6 cubes)
12 edible flowers (Flowers that are grown to be eaten –no pesticides or other chemicals. We used nasturtiums, pansies and roses)
6 small sprigs of thyme

Fill ice cube trays about 1/3 full with the distilled water and add a flower facing down. In 6 of the cubes also add a sprig of thyme with the flower. Freeze. Once frozen, fill 2/3 full with the distilled water. Freeze. Fill to the top with water and freeze again.

Flower Iced Lillet
serves 6

Lillet (French pronunciation: [li’le]) is a brand of French apertif wine. It is a blend of 85% Bordeaux wines and 15% macerated liqueurs, mostly citrus liqueurs from the peels of sweet oranges from Spain and Morocco and the peels of bitter green oranges from Haiti. Lillet is always served cold.

12 jiggers chilled Lillet
12 edible flower ice cubes 

Place two edible flower ice cubes (one only flower and one with flower and thyme) in each of 4 glasses and pour 2 jiggers of chilled Lillet over. Serve immediately.


Libbie’s Food Styling Props: Ice cubes shot on a Pewter Stoneware charger by Juliska. Crystal Glassware from Ralph Lauren Home. Vintage glass stir sticks from Habersham Antiques Market. 

Honey Hot Chocolate

By Libbie Summers
Photography by Chia Chong

Just a pinch of cinnamon and a tablespoon of honey make this hot chocolate unique. Pouring it over a Homemade Mega Marshmallow makes it decadent and sweet.
Honey Hot chocolate from Libbie Summers
Honey Hot Chocolate
serves 4

2 1/2 cups whole milk
2 cups half-and-half
8 ounces bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate, chopped (if you like a sweeter hot chocolate, use the semi-sweet)
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon honey
1/2 teaspoon vanilla paste
1 teaspoon instant espresso
pinch of cinnamon
Homemade Mega Marshmallows (recipe HERE), optional

In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, add the milk and half and half and bring to a simmer. Whisk in the chocolate. Remove from heat and whisk in the sugar, honey, vanilla paste, instant espresso and cinnamon. Drop one marshmallow in each mug and pour hot chocolate over.

How about hosting a Hot Chocolate Party! Get an idea for setting the buffet HERE.

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