Hump Day: Chapter 11

Never.” –The Bitch on lip injections. 

Hump Day Humor from

Hump Day: Chapter 10

The Bitch made me do it. Happy Hump Day!

Hump Day Sugar Cookies from

Best Friend Sugar Cookie Recipe HERE.

Hump Day: Chapter 9

“Am I the only one who smells that?” –The Bitch on something fowl.

Hump Day: The Bitch on Things

Hump Day: Chapter 8

“Sweet and Vicious.”The Bitch on her picks for the top 16 books of 2014…also those she was featured in.
Sweet and Vicious and The Bitch

Hump Day: Chapter 7

“How come a dog isn’t a good dancer? Because they have two left feet.” –The Bitch on stupid jokes. 


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