12 Handmade Holiday Ornaments to Trim Your Tree

by Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography by Teresa Earnest

I love a handmade ornament. Nothing against the Radko collectors out there (God knows I love a little Radko bling myself), but I love gifting something that I’ve handmade and knowing it will be pulled out of a box once a year and thought of that makes me smile. Here are a few handmade ornaments to inspire your tree and your gift giving this year. 

One:  Tiered Felt Ornaments
If cookies were this color and could last on a tree forever I would use them to make this ornament. Since they aren’t and won’t…I went with felt.

Learn how to make one here!

Two: Pig Party Ornaments
I. CAN’T. EVEN. with these perfectly festooned party pig ornaments!
Party Pigs, Holiday Ornaments, Handmade Holiday Ornaments, Pig Ornaments, Barnyard Animals, Libbie SummersHoliday Ornaments, Handmade Ornaments, Christmas Ornaments, Party Pig Ornaments, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life

Three: Cotton Candy Ornaments
Basically, the sweetest tree ever!

Four: Glitter and Orange Pinecone Ornaments
When the bitch demands her own tree, you make it quail inspired.

Learn how to make one here!

Five: Leopard Print Christmas Ball Ornaments
It’s almost weird when a colorful leopard print sweater inspires garland and and ornament….almost.

Six: Sugar Ornaments
Note to self…empty the sugar out each year. #ants

Read more here!

Seven: Sassy Vintage Fashion Ornaments
Cheeky advertisements clipped from a vintage magazine were perfect to glue on gingham and hang.
Libbie Summers, Holiday Decorating, Holiday Ornaments, Tree Trimming, Hand made Christmas
Holiday Trees, Christmas Trees, Libbie Summers, Decorating Ideas, Holiday Decorating Ideas
Make your own here!

Eight: Turnip-Inspired Holiday Ornaments
Here’s the deal, you can make the ornament AND just hang turnips…they last the whole season and you can mash them up later (the actual turnips only).

 Read more about my Turnip-Inspired Holiday here!

Nine: Peppermint Candy Cookie Cutter Ornaments
My son and I made these long before he started back talking and they still are a fun craft to do each year!

DIY for the kids (or adults…) here!

Ten: Gingham Christmas Ornaments
Funny, the ornaments for this tree came about when I had scraps of gingham left over from the hand made garland. They are so simple to do glued onto a styrofoam ball, and pack a big colorful punch on the tree!
Gingham, Crafts, Holiday Crafts, Holiday Ornaments, Libbie SummersGingham, Gingham Garland, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Holiday Decorating


Not into traditional ornaments? Here are three ways to trim your tree with maximum results!
Eleven: Sprinkle-Inspired Holiday Ornaments
Colored mylar cut into strips just screamed sprinkles to me! A glittery ball ornament was the perfect bling add on.

Tree Trimming, Tree Decorating, Holiday Trees, Libbie Summers Holiday Decorating,
Read more about this here, and check out my Custom Sprinkles here!

Twelve: Red Ribbon Tree Trimming
Backstory: The tree that was planned for this shoot ended up being too expensive to do, so at the last minute the team tied over 1.000 red bows from ribbon left over from an event and the result could actually be one of my favorite trees. Pro Tip: When you only have one element…make a TON of them. #moreismore

What’s the best ornament someone has ever given you?

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