DIY Dashboard Hula Dancer Costume

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography by Teresa Earnest Photography

It’s never to early to start thinking about the perfect Halloween costume. I’m obsessed with all things Hula at the moment and decided I HAD to become a Dashboard Hula Dancer…but in my own way. A pom pom “grass skirt” was in order, and a little video!
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Dashboard Hula Dancer Costume
(makes one easy and super cute costume)

What you need: 
1 Hawaiian shirt, I cut the sleeves off and rolled them under (no coconut bra please –this isn’t a slutty hula dancer costume)
2 flower leis (only fresh…you have to smell this all night), One for your head and one around your neck
1 Ukulele (it’s great if you learn to play at least 5 seconds of one song)
1 pair of boy short swim bottoms or other tasteful bottoms (see first ingredient)
1 pom pom “grass skirt” (DIY to follow)

What to do for the “grass skirt”:
Costumes, Hula Dancer Costume, Libbie Summers
STEP ONE: Gather your ingredients. You’ll need a measuring tape, thick ribbon (for a waste band and other streamers), colorful yarn to make small pom poms.DIY, Costumes, Hawaii, Hula Skirt
STEP TWO: Measure the length from your waste to a tasteful length of your skirt. Mine was 28-inches. Cut 50-100 pieces of yarn and ribbon that length.
Costumes, Halloween Costumes, Hula Dancer, Hawaiian Dancer, Libbie Summers
STEP THREE: Make 40 small pom poms from your colorful yarn and tie them on to four of them on to 10 of 28-inch pieces you have cut. I use this tutorial for making hand pom poms.
Costumes, Hula Dancer Costume, Libbie Summers, Hawaii, Halloween costumes
STEP FOUR: Cut a piece of ribbon that’s long enough to tie comfortably around your waist. Lay it flat on a surface and start tying on the pieces of yarn and ribbon you have cut with the pom poms and without. Tie it around your waist and you are ready to go!

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