DIY: Glitter and Flame Orange Pinecone Ornaments

by Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Feature photo by Teresea Earnest

The most beautiful pine trees grown in Georgia. On my walks with a certain bird dog and wonderful husband, I’m known to spend more time picking pinecones off the forrest floor than I am watching for pheasants. Once you have amassed a lot of these things, you have to figure out something to do with them…I did! I love these showy pinecones…a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

Glitter and Paint Dipped Pine Cone Ornaments

Pinecones (from nature of course)
Gold glitter
Mod Podge matte finish
1 can flame orange paint

Pinecone, Libbie Summers, Ornament, Diy, Glitter

What to do:
Step 01

Dip the bottom or top of your pinecone into the can of paint and pull out slowly. Hang and let dry overnight.

Pinecone, Libbie Summers, Ornament, Diy, Glitter
Step 02
Once dry, apply a bit of Mod Podge to the bottom or top of the pine, sprinkle over with glitter and let dry

Step 03
Tie yarn, ribbon, or attach a hook and adorn your tree

Pinecone, Libbie Summers, Ornament, Diy, Glitter

My Pointer Sister Custom Sprinkles go great with this look! Grab them here!!

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