DIY: Party Pig Ornaments

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Ornaments on tree image by Teresa Earnest Photography

Four years ago I started painting nostalgic barnyard animal toys varying shades of gaudy and adhering them to all sorts of nonsense. This year was the second I made ornaments out of them and this may be the best!! So easy and so fun to do. With a pork book under my belt, I’m obviously partial to the pig, but these ornaments could be made out of any animal toy!
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Here’s how easy and fun it is!!

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Party Pig Ornaments

Plastic farm animals (I love pigs, so I did a variety of boars and sows and piglets, I got them at my local farm and tack store)
Spray Paint (I painted mine shades of pink and gold)
1 pair scissors
Hot Glue
Small screw hooks (what you use to attach wire to the back of a frame to hang)
Trimmings (I used everything! Felt balls, buttons, muffin liners, colorful pipe cleaners, embroidery floss etc…)
Ribbon for hanging

Spray Painting with crafts, pig painting, Pig ornaments, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life
Step 1. Set up a card board box in a well ventilated area and place the pig inside. Give it a spray on all sides and underneath. Allow to dry.

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Step 2: Make a fun fascinator/party hat! This is where only your imagination is the limit! Use your glue gun to make small hats out of whatever you can find around the house. I used muffin liners and pipe cleaner (on the left) and a wee bottle cap, felt ball and feather (on the right)

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Step 3: Screw the eye into the top of the pig (this goes in easy enough, so no need to pre drill a hole) and attach a ribbon to hang.
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Holiday Ornaments, Handmade Ornaments, Christmas Ornaments, Party Pig Ornaments, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life


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