Drunk Chalk

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

I’m not a bourbon drinker, but I do practice Southern hospitality.  On the off chance that a brown spirits drinker stops by, it is my duty as a hostess south of the Mason Dixon line to make them feel special.  In doing so, I always keep big bourbon ice cubes in my freezer and a bottle of Bulleit at the ready (if they want Pappy Van Winkle they came to the wrong house).

It was the large square silicone ice trays I make my bourbon ice in that got me thinking about square chalk…then purple…then ombre…then love. All this crazy thinking and I wasn’t even drinking.

Purple Ombré Sidewalk Chalk
makes 6 cubes

What you’ll need:
Plaster of Paris
Tempera Paint (choose one color you love…I love Purple)
Silicone Ice Mold

In a medium mixing bowl, mix 1 1/2 cups Plaster of Paris with enough water to make a cake frosting consistency. Fill one of the squares of the ice mold with the mixture (this is your starting white color). Working quickly, Mix in enough tempera paint to make a faint purple color. Fill the next square with this mixture. Repeat the procedure with the final 4 squares, increasing the paint as you do. If the mixture becomes to thick or runny add more Plaster of Paris or water accordingly. Allow to set overnight at room temperature before popping out of the molds and starting your sidewalk art! (Note: if you want to use the chalk on a proper chalkboard, take the chalk outside to “rough up” the sharp edges so you don’t scratch your chalkboard)

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