Gnome Soup (VIDEO)

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey and Teresa Earnest Photography

How is it that when a child is small they will latch onto one particular song that brings them so much joy? In my son’s case it was the theme song from a little cartoon called David The Gnome (AND an obscure 10,000 Maniacs song, but that’s another story). I didn’t let Anthony watch much television as a child, there were just too many other things to see and do, but David the Gnome was one exception. It was a little cartoon about the fantastic adventures of a friendly gnome doctor, his beloved wife Lisa and his fox, SWIFT, who traveled around the world creating peace between the gnomes, healing injured animals and fighting against the trolls. When Anthony was a toddler, he would hear the opening song of David the Gnome and go into this kind of joyous giggly trance (the kind adults get these days by paying loads of money to eat root bark in Costa Rica). I remember it like it was yesterday. Just the sweetest thing EVER. 🍄Fast forward to last night (Anthony is now in graduate school). I played him just the audio on this silly little video and he had a big smile on his face and asked me if David the Gnome had a fox named SWIFT. Children do remember more than we think. Anthony, because you love mushroom soup and I love you…this video is for you.

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