Golf Tee Christmas Tree

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

Yep, we were on a private golf course, at the edge of a green doing a holiday craft AND I got to wear showy golf pants. Life is good.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
•1 peg board painted a festive color (I spray painted mine a light green)
•About 150 colored golf pencils or golf tees depending on how big the holes are on your peg board and how big the tree is you want to make.
•7 colored golf balls for the tree topper
•Hot Glue
•Showy Golf Pants (optional) Mine are from Loudmouth Golf and I love them, they are their “Deck the Halls” pants and have little embroidered ornaments all over them!

What to do:
1. Paint the peg board.
2. Sketch out a simple tree using the chalk.
3. Push the tees or pencils into the holes along the lines you sketched. (Sometimes the holes need to be “widened” a bit. I used a pair of scissors that were closed and just twisted the tip in each hole.)
4. Starting with one golf ball for the middle of the tree topper, hot glue 6 other balls around it to form a flower. Place it at the top of the tree. I used an artist’s easel for my tree and placed the flower on top, you could also put a longer pencil in the top hole and hang the topper from it.

Golf Tee Christmas Tree from Libbie Summers

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