Sprinkle Fabric Cake

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Production Assistant: Anthony Lunsmann
Photography by Teresa Earnest Photography
Shot on Location at The Grant Hotel, available through Lucky Savannah Vacation Rentals

Have fun with your holiday decorating. My sprinkle-inspired tree made me want a little bit of a Willy Wonka Wonderland on the kitchen counter. So I made a cake…one that would last all season long! 

Marshmallows, Cake, Sprinkles, homemade gifts, edible gifts,
Fun Fabric Cake

What you need:
3 (different sized) styrofoam cake forms
Scraps of fabric
Mod Podge Glue Sealer (I like a matte finish)
Paint brush
Plastic wrap
Marshmallows for decoration

What to Do: 
1. Cut Fabric Circles: Cut enough fabric circles 1-inch larger than the diameter of the styrofoam forms to cover the bottom and top of the largest form and only the top of the two smaller forms. Use scissors to make cuts along the circumference of each circle 1/2-inch in. I like to use a different coordinating fabric for each circle.
2. Attach Fabric Circles: Use a paint brush and the mod podge to attach the fabric to the form with the cut “tabs” glued to the sides (you’ll be covering them with fabric). Set aside on it’s side on a piece of plastic wrap.
3. Cut Fabric for Sides: Working with one form at a time, measure the width and circumference of your form and cut a strip of fabric that wide and 1-inch longer. Use a paint brush and mod podge to adhere the fabric to the form. Set aside on a piece of plastic wrap to dry overnight. Continue with the remaining forms.
4. Stack forms on a cake pedestal or plate and decorate with marshmallows!!

Marshmallows, Cake, Sprinkles, homemade gifts, edible gifts,
Check out the fun beauty of this Sprinkle-inspired Holiday Tree HERE.

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