A Chive Blossom-inspired Thanksgiving Table

by Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

I’m always intrigued where a person’s creative inspiration comes from. I know it may sound odd, but my inspiration for decor and design typically comes from food. This Thanksgiving table is no exception.

Here’s what happened: While testing a Charred Purple Cabbage with Parmesan and Chives recipe, there was one chive in the bunch that still had a blossom attached –which was rare as it is well past season for such a herb unicorn. Instead of chopping this particular chive with the rest, I gave it a stay of execution and placed it in a tiny purple bud vase and admired it’s beauty for a week…then came the pumpkins, and the purple paint, and the fresh greens and the custom linen napkins and before I knew it, I had a beautiful holiday table set.

Where does your inspiration come from? I’d love to know.
Table Setting, Purple Pumpkins, Fall Color, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life, Holiday Table
Pumpkins, Painted pumpkins, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life
Purple Pumpkins, Libbie Summers, Holiday Table, Chive Blossom Inspiration, Organic, Chic

WATCH how the layers of the table came together!

Happy Thanksgiving, may your day be filled with love and gratitude.
Holiday Table, Thanksgiving, Libbie Summers, Table Decor, Pumpkins, Decorating with Pumpkins, Purple Pumpkins


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