Boat Snacks

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower
New Snack Obsession courtesy of Nourish Snacks

For a yacht chef, snacks on charter boats are nearly as important as an unflappable disposition and a sober captain. No matter what time of the day or night, someone is hungry. MOST times crew –ALL times guests. Ten minutes after breakfast service –”What’s for lunch”. Fifteen minutes after lunch service –”I wonder what we’re having for dinner”.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve read a food preference sheet (those things the guests or their executive assistants fill out before coming aboard) with notes that said, “We aren’t really snackers” or “We RARELY eat dessert” only to find out there has never been a bigger snacking group and they ALWAYS have dessert. It’s the rule of the water. The one constant in a yacht chef”s life. Whatever the preference sheet says…be prepared for the opposite.

I can’t blame the guests about loving a good snack. If there was a Snackers Anonymous, I’d never miss a meeting. I’ve been in search of the perfect snack for 15 years. And now I found it!

A snack of popcorn is my vice, but I don’t always have the time to make it myself and I refuse to eat a microwave popcorn. Refuse. Those surprise treats at the bottom of the popcorn bowl are my favorite part –half-popped kernels of goodness that have a big crunch but don’t cause dental damage. If only I could buy a bag of just half-pops…and then this happened.

Thank you Nourish Snacks for answering my prayers with the perfect snack! Your Mr. Popular half-popped corn kernels are the rainbow at the end of a great day of sailing…with no guests aboard.
Boat Snacks from Libbie Summers (Nourish Snacks Mr. Popular)
Nourish Snacks, Mr. Popular half-popped corn kernels (1.2 ounce bags/190 calories/5g fiber)
Libbie Summers for Nourish Snacks
Just a few of the other snacks offered by Nourish. How about this cute serving idea for a “nautical-inspired” party!
Libbie Summers for Nourish Snacks
If I had to have a second date with another one of Nourish Snacks, I’d definitely choose the Mind Your Ps & BBQ’s.
Libbie Summers for Nourish Snacks
What’s the perfect “nautical bowl” for serving your snacks in? A boater for sure!! This one my husband wore at our wedding and I use it all the time as a unique serving vessel.

BONUS!!!! Nourish is giving my readers a 10% discount on all orders through the end of July. Just enter the code SALTEDANDSTYLED when you check out!

Want to have some fun with your snacks at your next party? How about a game of chance! Find the half-popped!


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