Cake Decorating Isn’t Just For Birthdays

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

Decorating a cake shouldn’t be reserved for birthdays, shouldn’t be difficult and shouldn’t be boring! This year I #putapigonit for my own birthday cake…well, Candace actually made it…I just stuck the pig on it, but who’s counting. The paper polka dot crown made it all festive. Below are a few of my favorite ways to decorate a cake. All simple and all simply full of delicious fun.
Put a pig on it cake decoration from Libbie Summers
Decorate your cake to match your look! Kewpies for me!!
Food-inspired Fashion: raspberries and kewpie dolls (Photography by Cedric Smith)
Cover it in kumquats! 
Food-inspired fashion from
Make it merry and bright by covering in pink frosting and adding a gold star!
Cinnamon Candy Christmas Cake
Add some fall leaves and leave the sides naked! (make sure to clean the leaves well before putting on your cake)
Pumpkin Spice Cake with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting
Make it scary…in a cute way….smoke machine optional. 
skull Cake from Libbie Summers
Girly swirls and pom poms you can never go wrong with. 
Girly Girl Lavender Cake from Libbie Summers (from her book Sweet and Vicious, photo by Chia Chong)
Top it with candy!
Broken Heart Cake from Libbie Summers (photo by chia chong)
How about a peep show topper! 
Food-inspired Fashion from Libbie Summers/EASTER EGGS
Get figgy with it (yep, just said that…kind of hate myself right now). 
Fig Layer Cake from Libbie Summers (Photo by Cedric Smith)
Balloon Animals for the cake topper win!
Balloon Dog Cake Topper from Libbie Summers
Or if all else fails, polka dot it with some gum balls and set a bitchy dog next to it. 
Bubble Gum Cake from Libbie Summers
Bottom line…bake a delicious cake and have fun with the decorations!

If you need more inspirations, check out this super fun video I was honored to do for Better Homes and Gardens!

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