Chinese New Year Party!

By Libbie Summers
Creative Assistant: David Dempsey
Photography by Chia Chong
Production Assistants: Candace Brower and Anthony Lunsmann


There’s really only one secret to a great party…lean in…it’s juicy…

The secret to a great party is to make sure the guests are as colorful as the decorations!!
For this Chinese New Year party, I started with a colorful guest list, called a pedi cab company and then started the decorating!

Party Decorations, Chinese New Year Party, Chinese Lanterns, A food-inspired life
Chinese Lanterns, Chinese New Year, Party Decorations, Planning the perfect party, A food-inspired life, Libbie Summers' Parties
Party Decorations, Party Planning, Chinese New Year Parties, Over the Top Parties, Libbie Summers, A food-inspired life
Party Decorations, Over the top parties, Libbie Summers Parties, Chinese Lanterns



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