DIY Flower Balloon

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

I’m obsessed with all things balloon shaped. Before this post, I could pop out a balloon dog on demand. Now, I can do a flower. Who knows where I’ll go next!

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Balloon Flower DIY

What you need: 
#260 balloons (Twisting balloons are measured by the inflated size, so the 260 is 2 inches in diameter thick and 60 inches long when inflated.)
Balloon air pump
Small 5″ round balloons (optional)
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What to do:
Here’s the deal, I could walk you through a step by step of making a balloon flower, but it was THIS guy’s video that showed me how to do it. We watched this video about 3 times and practiced making a flower while we were watching. David naturally nailed it because he has experience as a former employee of Party City (a story for another time), but it took me a few more times.
Watch the video HERE!

Now the fun part! Just start making flowers! I wanted to make a backdrop for a Happy Spring party, so we used the colors of Spring. How fun would it be to cover an entire wall with balloon flowers for the perfect affordable and colorful party backdrop!

Watch how it all came together here!

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