DIY Watermelon Beach Balls

By Libbie Summers

I’m a lucky girl. I’ve always dreamed of having a lap pool at my home and a few days ago I took my first “lap”. It’s not a Michael Phelps kind of lap, but one that still takes my breath away. Since I was inspired by watermelons this week, I wanted to have a little fun in the pool to decorate for a private luncheon where watermelon was the guest of honor. Sure, I could have ordered an expensive watermelon pool float, but this was so much more affordable and not quite so obvious.
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What you need:
8 (16-inch diameter) lime green and white beach balls
6 (14-inch diameter) pink beach balls
Black Sharpie

What to do:
1. Blow up the balls!
2. Use the black sharpie to color in seeds all over the pink balls (I draw a tear drop shape and then color it in).
3. Let the balls dry.
4. Toss in the water!!

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