Five Fast and Festive Fall Centerpieces

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

I’m serving up cute, creepy and always creative centerpieces to inspire your Fall/Halloween table. BOO YEAH!

Snow Pumpkin from Libbie Summers
What I used: 1 pumpkin, 2 skeins of yarn (thin and thick) and duct tape to hold the first pieces down as you start to wrap it around the pumpkin. White leaves and white roses (optional)
I taped the first piece of thiner yarn on the pumpkin and started wrapping it around the pumpkin. You can also cut pieces to tape from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom. The main thing is NOT to make the pumpkin look like a ball…it’s important to keep the pumpkin shape. Then, the thicker yarn was used to add another layer by tucking in and wrapping around in a random pattern. I then added white leaves and white roses (optional, this pumpkin is super cute without). 

Brain Flowers from Libbie Summers
What I used: Brain candy dish (this one from Target), floral foam, white and red flowers, scissors. 
I started with a fun white brain candy dish from Target, filled it with floral foam that had been soaked in water and then started adding white and red flowers. Chic, creepy and fabulous!

Witch's Hat Centerpiece from Libbie Summers
What I used:
1 inexpensive witch hat stuffed with paper, purple yarn, 7 pink carnations, 14-inches of ribbon, 13 straight pins, scissors.
I started with a fun witch hat, made 6 tennis ball sized pom poms and then pinned them on the ribbon with the flowers pinned in between. Tie the ribbon around the hat and place on the table!

Witch's Brew Centerpiece from Libbie Summers

Fall Centerpiece from Libbie Summers
What I used: Cast iron Dutch oven, floral foam soaked in water, antique hydrangeas, eucalyptus, scissors.
I filled the bottom of the Dutch oven with water soaked floral foam then started adding the flowers. Watch this centerpiece magic happen in a snap HERE

Super Pumpkin Head Centerpiece from Libbie Summers
What I used: 1 small pumpkin (I used a white pumpkin but an orange one would be cute too), 1 kid’s costume of the hat and cape variety…witch, superhero, magician, whatever (I used the moto-hero cape and hat set from LOVELANE Designs).
Pull the hat over a pumpkin, splay the cape out on the table and you have a party centerpiece, it’s that easy, that fast and that fun!!!


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