Libbie Loves: Birthday Gifts

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

Just a few of the many things I’m crushing on this birthday week. I asked for them all (because why not) and hoped that I’d get one…and I did. Follow my instagram stories and see which one!

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1. Because I plan on being able to play the ukulele by Christmas.
Orange Ukulele from @reverb 

2. Because my current knife case has shit the bed.
Billy Reid Knife Case @Billy_Reid 

3. Because I tried these on in Paris and fell in love.
Endora Mary Jane in Dream Blue Patent Leather from @RepettoParis

4. Because I have 4 recipes in the book and it’s the coolest cookbook!!
The Short Stack Cookbook @shortstackeds 

5. Because I love a beanie and I love cashmere and I love pink.
Pink Cashmere Beanie  available @shopbop 

6. Because these are the COOLEST candles ever made and they are made in the USA (Kansas City)
Metallic Taper Candles from @creative.candles

7. Because I love doing basic chalk art.
Sargent Art Square Chalk Pastels @sargentart

8. Because I hate plastic.
Takenaka Bento Box @takenaka_bento_box 

9. Because I already have a set of these and I need another and this is the coolest store owned by the most adorable person on the planet.
Yoshi Bath Towels in Grey available @portofraleigh


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