My White Hot Summer

By Libbie Summers 
As read on Fetch Magazine for Taigan

For most people, when they think about “white” they think about wintertime. For them, it’s a cold color found in snowflakes and ice crystals. White is woolen sweaters, sheepskin rugs and the frilly decoration on a holiday coconut cake. But for me, white is Summertime –breezy linen dresses, white bucks and a boat’s mainsail. White sangria and white sandy beaches.
White doesn’t keep you warm. It makes you cool.

My White Hot Summer Picks from Libbie Summers for

My White Hot Summer Picks from Libbie Summers for asked me to pick a few of my favorite things currently on their site and write a sentence or two about why I loved them…It wasn’t hard since I love to shop and I love Taigan. As far as the written words about my picks –they might not have realized who they were asking. 

The Nava Shorts

I love these shorts…part skirt, part boy knicker, all short! Super chic and so comfortable. I’m currently wearing them with a white t-shirt, blue Chuck Taylors and the coolest pink leather bracelet.

The Sutton Top 

This little breezy polka dot top would go with anything! I love that it could be dressed down with a pair of cut-offs or dressed up with a skirt that twirlable.

The Gemma

A rich linen, loose fit and pockets…perfection.

Resin Champagne Bucket

I am over-the-moon about this modern organic ice bucket. Not only do I want to ice down a bottle of rosé, I want to use it at an outdoor party…on the buffet line to hold the napkin rolls of flatware or in the center of a long wooden table filled with a bouquet of cosmos.

Pimp Sunglasses by Selima Optique

Because sometimes you want to be seen, but not be seen.

The Cuban Table

I can’t wait to visit Cuba and taste it’s food first hand, wear a white scarf and drive an old blue motorcycle around the island…daydreams.

Pippi Longstocking Horse and Monkey

Funny, I always wanted a white horse when I was a little girl. Now as an adult I’d like it to have azure blue polka dots.

Jacques + Sienna Lucky Charm Bead Necklace Elephant

Because Summer is about being brave. Swimming deeper, traveling farther, going faster, taking leaps of faith.


Set of 2 Guest Towel Herringbone Stripe

If you can’t have a cabana boy on staff full-time at least you can have towels that make you think you do.

Berti Italian Regional Folding Knife

I always carry a knife in the summertime. Seems like I’m forever cutting a piece of fruit or cheese or a frozen Snickers bar in half.

Leather Collar with Gold Accents

I have a red headed Vizsla named McGuire Jo Summers. She goes by Maggie in our home and “The Bitch” to the world of Instagram. Maggie is very opinionated about things such as proper manners, fashion, food and crafts. She will only sleep on a white monogrammed blanket and insists on a pillow to lay her head. My guess is, if she had thumbs, she would give this collar two up.

Barr Co. Fine Shea Butter Lotion

Nautical Chic

Nothing says summer more than a nautical stripe. Navy and White…old school. I worked in the yachting industry for years, cooking on beautiful wooden sail boats and I can tell you first hand that some of the chicest people in the world travel on the water.

Crew Hat

Because nothing is hotter than a guy who rows crew.

Lemon Sugar Cookie

I am obsessed with Grey Ghost Bakery Cookies, especially the lemon sugar. Just enough lemon to be refreshing and just the right size for an afternoon pick me up. If you looked in any of my Summer hand bags you’ll probably find a 2 pack of Grey Ghost Bakery cookies.


Libbie Summers has authored three books, The Whole Hog Cookbook(Rizzoli, 2011), Sweet & Vicious –baking with attitude (Rizzoli, 2014), and Brown Sugar (Short Stack Editions, November 2014). She resides in Savannah, Georgia with one husband, one son, and one opinionated-dog who is lobbying for her own Instagram account.

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