Tabletop Tuesday: An Enchanting Salad Course

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower
Masking Tape Insects by artist Jamie Bourgeois
Vintage Furniture from Savannah Vintage Rentals

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An Enchanted Salad Course from Libbie Summers
photo by Cedric Smith
As seen in the May/June Epicurean Issue of Savannah Magazine
An Enchanting Salad Course from Libbie Summers

The making of:
An Enchanting Salad Course from Libbie Summers
Inspiration: Savannah’s enchanting secret places and the many layers of the people who call it home.
Place: Tucked into a bank of trees and greens in the Northwest corner of Forsyth Park (the urban forrest). Extra white flowers and branches were tucked into the existing trees for a sparkle of white as the sun went down.
The Table: Layers and Layers and Layers. A glass top sat on 3 full apple boxes, then layered with 4 fabrics and one living thing.
1. A cream colored gauze that was pulled long outside each end (toward and away from the camera)
2. Celadon green cotton broadcloth was layered over the gauze.
3. The most beautiful flowered knit lace with a bit of a retro vibe was then layered over the cotton and gauze.
4. Moss green velvet was draped over everything (velvet is a perfect layer for any table).
5. Small carpets of live moss was added at the end pinned to drape over the side of the table and onto the “forrest” floor.
The Furniture: I contacted Savannah Vintage Rentals to use a few of their beautiful pieces. Velvet, Silk and Wood. Like plates, I love furniture at a table that doesn’t match.
The Centerpiece: Artist Jamie Bourgeois is as enchanting as she is talented. I contacted her about making a couple of playful masking tape insects to be guests at the table. The praying mantis, I put on a cake stand with moss and climbing on a large twig and covered it with a glass garden cloche to be the focal specimen. The moth was perched on the side of the table…peering over the edge and center to camera. Check out Jamie’s article with close-ups of her process and the bugs HERE.
Masking Tape Praying Mantis by Jamie bourgeois
Masking Tape Moth by Jamie Bourgeois
Masking Tape Moth from Jamie Bourgeois
Table Top: I borrowed a variety of vintage plates from the collection of stylist Elizabeth Demos. If you don’t have her book, Vintage Wedding Style, you MUST pick it up. It’s a great idea/How-To book for throwing any soiree…nuptials or not. Juliska flatware was used and white wine glasses added. Of course I hand tore my own napkins from a simple floral pattern fabric.
Light: Candle light only. There are 200 electric tea light candles on and around this table, tucked into moss and just laying on the ground. It gave the enchanting sparkle needed.
Food: It’s a salad course so I did a simple organic greens salad with colorful spring radish and tossed in a peach vinaigrette, bread and wine. Simple.

Behind the Scenes:
Cedric Smith getting the shot from Libbie Summers
Photographer Cedric Smith getting the shot and getting bit by bugs.
Misting the salad for a close up.
An enchanting and happy team. Cedric, Candace and myself.


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  1. i keep looking at this and it becomes more “enchanting” each time I see it. I want to have dinner there tonight! You are a creative genius, Libbie, and I want to meet you soon.

    Comment by Lynn Gagan on May 19, 2015 at 1:39 pm

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