Tabletop Tuesday: Bar Cart/Dessert Cart

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

Bar cart. Dessert cart. What’s the dif? (That’s me below giving the “What’s the dif” look.)
Dessert Cart from Libbie Summers
I picked up this old bar cart on casters (probably late 60’s/early 70’s era) at my favorite junking stop in Savannah (Habersham Antiques Market). It was a mess, but I thought I could paint it and cover parts of it with a great wallpaper. Then the miracle of Watco Danish Oil happened –It’s like a magic eraser for wood. I just cleaned the dirt off the cart, let it dry and then rubbed it down with the Danish Oil. It’s perfect!
Bar Cart as a Dessert Cart from Libbie Summers
By day it’s a bar cart, and when it’s feeling a little cheeky and I’m feeling a need to roll my dessert around…it becomes the best dessert cart!
Bar Cart/Dessert Cart from Libbie Summers
Bar cart/Dessert cart from Libbie Summers
Bar Cart/Dessert Cart from Libbie Summers
That’s me above. So happy with myself and my bar cart turned dessert cart that I’m blurry. That’s The Bitch in the background judging everything.


What the heck am I wearing: Navy Dress by @troyallen. Available at @broughtonexchange.

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