Tabletop Tuesday: Feed Your Mind First

By Libbie Summers
Event Design by Nan Myers
Hosted by Nan Myers and Carol Whitney for The Shotgun Supper Club
Photography by Daniel Shippy

First impressions are everything…even for a table.

If you have ever been to an event I’ve cooked for or dinner at my house, you know I like to start the meal off with something on the table to feed the mind before I feed the belly. Sometimes it’s a simple line from a poem, or a photograph, or a radish under glass. And, sometimes it’s a cheeky bowl of brightly colored pom poms and pipe cleaners…a playful spaghetti and meatball first course.

This Shotgun Supper Club event hosted by Nan Myers and Carol Whitney has been one of my favorite events to date. Not just because the setting was so exclusive and elusive, or the guests were some of my favorite people ever, or the food being to die for, or my team killing it but because Nan and Carol welcomed me into their artful world with open arms. It was a special night. One that I’ll never forget. One that touched my heart.
Spaghetti and Meatball starter course from Libbie Summers  IulMKF1wBbSXbTz3tfCCHE_JlqGr-vphKaNRRlS99Bg rlMexD_uGOjdZU0DG59AKY7D0lh01Ous7YhQuCgrlCY

Sweet and Vicious/Shotgun Supper Club
Shotgun Supper Club
Shotgun Supper Club with Libbie Summers


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