Tabletop Tuesday: Pearl Centerpiece

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower
Guest: Maggie Jo Summers

I’m having one of my best friends over for a little dessert and milk. She loves pearls and wears them oftentimes before 5:00pm. If you were raised a Southern lady, you know that pearls are an evening accessory. Since this guest is no lady (if the truth were known, she’s been called a bitch behind her back more times than I care to mention) I decided to celebrate her love a pearls before lunch and make a simple centerpiece for our table. The rest of the table decor was picked to match her hair and her personality. A fiery orange…not quite red.
Making a pearl centerpiece from
(To make the centerpiece, I used a few strands of costume jewelry pearls, some fresh snipped camellia leaves from my yard and a vintage candy dish. I arranged the pearls in the dish and popped in a few leaves here and there. It was that simple and I think it’s fantastic!)

Pearl and Camellia Leaf Centerpiece from
I love this new fabric I just got from Fabrika Fine Fabrics in Savannah (they ship). You buy however many yards you like for table runners or tear or sew them into napkins (I always tear because I love the fray). The fabric comes in so many patterns. I love them all, but this orange and natural stripe is perfect for the occasion! 
Pearl and Camellia Leaf Centerpiece from

A Best Friend Lunch from

The guest of honor.
It was 10:00am.
She was wearing pearls.
The lady is a tramp…



One comment

  1. Fabulous, you are so talented.
    Pippa wants to know if she can join
    Maggie sometime for cookies.

    Comment by Peggy Summers on January 20, 2015 at 12:44 pm

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