2 Creative and Affordable Valentine’s Day Party Decoration Ideas

By Libbie Summers
Photography by Chia Chong
Assisted by David Dempsey
Production Assistants Candace Brower, Anthony Lunsmann

Throwing a Valentine’s Day party in the woods, I needed to create a moment as soon as my guest (yes, only one) arrived. Check out these two super affordable and absolutely stunning party decorations!

Libbie Summers, Chia Chong, Valentine's Day, Installation Art, Party Decorations, Valentine's Day Parties
With a big space and a small budget paper lanterns from a Chinese New Year installation were repurposed to set the scene!
TWO:Libbie Summers, A Food-Inspired Life, Chia Chong, Valentines Day
My entire team was OBSESSED with this heart curtain that was the entryway to the party.
What you need:
Paper doilies
String (I used butcher’s twine)
Glue stick (not hot glue)
A tall ladder to hang

What to do:
1. Cut (3 to 4-inch) hearts out of white paper doilies (you can cut a bunch at once). The curtain pictured took approximately 600 paper hearts.
2. Working one piece at a time, cut a piece of twine and lay on a long table.
3. Place one heart on one side of a length of sting, glue another heart on top sandwiching the string in between. Keep moving up the string not worrying about distance between. The less perfect the more perfect. Continue until you do enough strings to create a curtain (I used 20 lengths for this installation).
To Install: Tie a string between two trees and tie your lengths of heart string from them.

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