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It’s been a number of years since I had my son, but I’ll always be a mother.

I met the founder of Shop Buru, Morgan Hutchinson, at The Southern C Summit in Charleston, SC. Morgan was adorable, funny, stylish and most importantly smart. I loved her mission with Shop Buru and I love the easy style of it all. Bu Ru is a carefully curated collection of clothing dedicated to a mother’s lifestyle. I was honored when Morgan asked me to answer a few questions about motherhood and pick some of my favorite looks from her shop. Look around the site, I know you will find something you HAVE to have. I am currently obsessed with the Whitney Chambray Overalls paired with the Molly Tee with Polkadot Print…mainly for the tassel.

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My thoughts on parenting with style:

BR: What do you love most about being a mom?

LS: My son is very funny… in a way that he doesn’t even realize. He’ll tell a story and my husband and I will just howl. Nothing makes me happier than to listen to him regale us with his day-to-day life as only he can tell it. Dry, self-depricating and wet-your-pants funny.

BR: What is the number one way in which motherhood has changed you?

LS: Motherhood has helped me to be less selfish and more present.

BR: Did you breast-feed your children? If so, what piece of clothing made nursing easier for you?

LS: Probably the most excited I was about being pregnant was finally leaving my “A” cup behind– even for a short period. Sadly that didn’t happen and I didn’t have the option of breast-feeding. I went into delivery as a small “B” cup and left slightly smaller.

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