Libbie Loves: Apples

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

Apple Season means designer plaids, furry red pillows and premium moonshine. These are a few of my favorite things.

Apple Inspired things, Apple Season, Fall Favorites

1. Suno Pleat Front Trouser I’m been obsessing about these plaid pants since I tried them on at Vert and Vogue a couple of weeks ago
2. The Apple Lover’s Cookbook   The only apple book to reach for. 
3. Blue Pinstripe Linen Child’s Dress  If only they made this dress in my size.
4. Barrel Backpack I love all the backpacks from The Cambridge Satchel Company
5. Vip Wingtip Boot The coolest selection of boots in the USA are at Gorsuch in Vail, Co. Period.
6. Apple Variety Tee How cute is this apple tee? So many varieties. I’d wear it with a long ball skirt!
7. Mangolian Lamb Lumbar Pillow Yes please!
8. Belle Isle Premium Moonshine Although not much of a drinker (I know shocker) I had the pleasure of doing a tasting of this Premium moonshine and my thoughts on moonshine will never be the same. So smooth and flavorful in every drink they made. Got me thinking how good it would be in a Fall cocktail.

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