Hump Day: Chapter 3

“Always coordinate your gift packaging with your outfit.” –The Bitch on holiday etiquette. Photo by Chia Chong Read More »

Thanksgiving Totem Pole Cake

By Libbie Summers Assisted by Candace Brower It started with a little video about Mark Spitz and a cocktail. And, then you asked for more! Every Sunday on Instagram (@libbiesummers) I do a fun little video that I hope will inspire you, intrigue you or just make you giggle. I hashtag them #15secondSundays #Sundayinspiredvideos... Read More »

Bacon Popcorn Balls

By Libbie Summers (Recipe from my book, The Whole Hog Cookbook, Rizzoli) Photography by Anna Heritage My grandmother on my father’s side, Annie Mae, lived just a twenty-minute drive from my hog-farming grandma, Lula Mae, but the only thing they had in common was Mae. You see, Annie Mae lived “in town.” She drove... Read More »
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