Holiday Baking: Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies

By Libbie Summers Photography by Andy Lyons I’m in the process of moving into a new home so I wanted to keep my holiday cookies simple, stylish and insanely delicious! These Brown Sugar Meringue Cookies from my Brown Sugar book by Short Stack Editions are just the trick. On a recent trip to Des... Read More »

14 Fun and Festive Holiday Tree Garlands

Video Produced by Libbie Summers with Barrera Productions Assisted by Candace Brower I’m obsessed with different takes on holiday garland! Holiday Garland Hacks if you will. Here are 14 of my ideas in a fun video….I hope they inspire you to think of something that may be “not so traditional”! 1. Fabric Scraps (6″x... Read More »

Hump Day: Chapter 4

  “When all else fails…wear a festive hat.” –The Bitch on Holiday Looks.    photo by Chia Chong     Read More »
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