Plaid Pumpkin

By Libbie Summers Photography by Anna Heritage Assisted by Candace Brower It’s not a trend thing for me, I’ve always been obsessed with plaid. So this year, I’ve decided to make it the centerpiece of my Holiday table with this plaid pumpkin. Quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever put in the middle... Read More »

Gooey Butter Cake

By Libbie Summers (from The Whole Hog Cookbook, Rizzoli) Photography by Chia Chong The thing that makes this cake gooey is the barely baked butter filling—when you slice a piece it should slowly ooze onto your plate. Unless you are eating it in St. Louis, Missouri, right now, it’s highly likely that piece of... Read More »

Hump Day: Chapter 1

“Is it over yet?” –The Bitch on Human Holidays. Read More »
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