Here Piggy Piggy Jar Toppers

By Libbie Summers Photography and Video Assisting by Anna Heritage I’ve been keeping specimens in jars on my desk long before Clinton left office. Things that normal people wouldn’t put in a jar or put down in writing. Feathers, candy, dice and the occasional dried chicken foot. As of today, the ugly hand-me-down jars that... Read More »

Katherine Sandoz: Tahoe Hybrids

Words by Libbie Summers Photography by Anna Heritage Artwork by katherine sandoz It’s not uncommon for me to hang up the phone with artist and friend Katherine Sandoz and head straight to Webster’s Online Dictionary. And, I’m not ashamed to admit between Katherine and my husband I’ve made the online dictionary the first bookmark... Read More »

It’s Never Too Late To Be Cool

By Libbie Summers Photography by Anna Heritage While throwing a volleyball attached to a string around a pole, I just knew I was one of the cool kids. I found out later in life those kids in the corner of the playground drawing squares with chalk…THOSE were the real cool kids. It’s never too late to... Read More »
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