A Colorful First Course

By Libbie Summers
Photography by Daniel Shippey

Make your plate a painting.
This wonderful Shotgun Supper Club dinner started with a first course that was a rainbow of colors, fresh, simple and worthy of a dinner for 100.
•Red, Yellow and Green: Farm Fresh Radish with Irish Butter and Olive Salt (for the olive salt, I put black olives in a food processor and processed until a small bit consistency then mixed with Maldon salt…about a 50/50 ratio of olives to salt)
•Pink and White: Pink Deviled Egg (Get the recipe I did for Better Homes and Gardens HERE)
•Green and White: Smashed Avocado and Goat Cheese Toast (Nothing to hard about this…not much to explain. Spread goat cheese on a toasted piece of great bread. Smash an avocado and season with salt and pepper and a little lemon juice. Spread over the goat cheese. I garnished with a finely diced radish, but a little salt and pepper are fine.)

I lost count.
A colorful first course from Libbie Summers (photo by Daniel Shippey)
First Course at the Shotgun Supper Club (photography by Daniel Shippey)
First Course at the shotgun supper club with Libbie Summers (photo by Daniel Shippey)




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