Tabletop Tuesday: Cherry Pie Surprise

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

Surprise and delight –that’s what this little afternoon dominoes playing party was all about. Two of my best candy loving friends (Sydney and Mitch) came over for a game of dominoes and what they thought was a typical cherry pie tasting (pie tasting is typical for me). Then this happened.

A cherry pie that’s not your normal cherry pie. Bottom crust –fondant. Filling –Atomic Fireballs. Lattice top crust –Bubble Tape.

These two very special friends left surprised, delighted and hopped up on sugar.

Candy Cherry Pie Dominoes Party from Libbie Summers
When the star of the show is very “showy” I like to keep my table setting very demure. White plates and simple white linen napkins on a table of white washed wood help bring all the attention to the star…a silly and sensational Candy Cherry Pie.

Candy Cherry Pie from Libbie Summers
Fondant bottom crust (many pieces of Bubblicious Bubble Gum would work too), Atomic Fireball filling, Bubble Tape lattice work.

Candy Cherry Pie from Libbie Summers

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