Table Top Decor That’s Beautiful and Delicious

By Libbie Summers for OWNtv
Photography by Joshua Summers 

Loved sharing my tips for end of summer parties where the decor can also be the meal! (excuse the scary screen grab face)

Libbie Summers Radish on a Stick 2
Cleaned radishes skewered through the bottom and thrown in a vase. (This radish was lacking in the beautiful leaves category, so I took some leaves from my carrots and snipped a few bits of shrubbery from the yard to add in the green…I think I like it better!)
A great appetizer as long as there is a dish of softened Irish butter and flaked sea salt near by.

Libbie Summers Ombre Heirloom Tomatoes on a Stick
An ombre of yellow, orange and red tomatoes on a stick for a great appetizer. Just sprinkle with salt and olive oil if you like. No need for cheese!

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