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4 Ways To Give Someone the Flick This Valentine’s Day


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey and Candace Brower Sure Valentine’s Day is the day when most engagements happen…but what are the stats on break ups? My thoughts are break ups should never be bad, I prefer if they were fun! Here are 4 fun ways to give someone the flick.  1. Do it fresh…cut herbs Ingredients: Read More »

Break Up Cupcakes


By Libbie Summers Assisted by Candace Brower A sweet and vicious Valentine for the one you once loved… Method: •Frost a cupcake. (Although it’s against everything I believe in, this is the one exception for baking your own cupcake. After all who cares if it’s a good one or not. Just buy some old thing Read More »

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