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Summer Centerpiece


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey My beloved collection of vintage glasses and a colorful summer bouquet made the perfect centerpiece for this luncheon!

Gumball Centerpiece


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey The easiest centerpiece that can also serve as dessert if your dinner guests are of the “carny” kind! Gumball Centerpiece makes 1 What you need:  1 jar Gumballs (enough to fill jar) Midway tickets (enough to wrap around the mouth of the jar) Tape 10 small pom pom (learn Read More »

Gumballs! An Ordinary to Extraordinary Video


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey I had THE BEST time doing this video! Like all things in my food-inspired life, I  take an ordinary object…like a colorful gumball and try to make it extraordinary by doing a few simple things that everyone can do! I’ll share all the crafts this week. Until then, Read More »

A Paper Strawberry Flower Centerpiece VIDEO


by Libbie Summers  Photography by Chia Chong for Savannah Magazine Assisted by David Dempsey, Candace Brower, Anthony Lunsmann A couple of months ago I had the honor of hosting a private dinner to benefit The Fresh Air Home (a summer camp for underprivileged children). The 5 course dinner was inspired by a just ripe strawberry Read More »

Libbie’s Table: Turnip-inspired Holiday Lunch


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey Production Assistant and Best Lunch Guest Ever: Anthony Lunsmann Photography by Teresa Earnest Photography On location at The Grant Hotel, available through Lucky Savannah Vacation Rentals I’m setting a turnip-inspired holiday lunch table for a lunch with one of my most favorite people in all the world, Anthony! Like these playful Read More »

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