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DIY: Candy Cane-inspired Holiday Table


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey A simple red and white candy cane inspired this fabulously festive (and fun) holiday table! It checks all the boxes…inspirational (yes), attainable (YES, anyone can do it) and affordable (yes, minimal dollars spent). Here’s How You Can Do It! Step 1: Make a Tablecloth (create a woven ribbon Read More »

Marshmallow Kissing Balls


By Libbie Summers Assisted by Candace Brower I’ll make a ball out of anything if it means I might be able to steal a kiss under it. HOW TO: Marshmallow Kissing Ball Ingredients: 1 (6-inch) styrofoam ball 1 (16-inch) piece of ribbon (I used vintage velvet) 2 T-pins 1 bag miniature marshmallows Glue sticks and Read More »

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