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Happy Bastille Day


By Libbie Summers Assisted by David Dempsey This is what happens when Bastille Day lands in the middle of Candy Week! What you need to make this video: Striped wrapping paper for a background 1 bamboo skewer 45 blue jelly beans 45 white jelly beans 45 red jelly beans Party Party App (download it if Read More »

A Chic Halloween Centerpiece


By Libbie Summers Assisted by Candace Brower In just a snap, this centerpiece went from chic to creepy! All week, I’ll be sharing some fun chic fall and Halloween centerpiece ideas. The creepy part? Feel free to add where needed. What I used: 1 Lodge cast-iron Dutch oven Floral Foam Antique Hydrangea Eucalyptus Some other Read More »

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