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Hump Day: Chapter 20


“I was hoping for a Rabbit Pot Pie.” –The Bitch on Easter basket disappointments. 

Hump Day: Chapter 19


“I’ve never lost a bird, I just ran out of time.” –The Bitch channeling Michael Jordan. 

Hump Day: Chapter 18


“What happens on River Street after midnight –stays on River Street.” –The Bitch on St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah. 

Hump Day: Chapter 17


“Never.” –The Bitch on using a Thomas Kinkade filter.

Hump Day: Chapter 12


“The day I have to dress up in wool and drive 1000 miles to sleep in a tent at an historic site is the day I become a deserter.” –The Bitch on Civil War Reenactors. 

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