Rotten Tomatoes Gift Wrapping Paper

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey
Photography by Teresa Earnest

Gift wrapping paper or a cheeky background for the headshot of certain opinionated red head –so many uses. I love this craft paper turned rotten tomato paper!
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What you need: 
A long sheet of craft paper
A crude tomato drawing you have cut out of a small sheet of craft paper
Red spray paint

What to do: 
In a well ventilated area, spread out the craft paper. Sit the tomato stencil on the paper and spray in the “tomato hole” with the red spray paint. Remove the stencil and place in a different spot on the paper (working in whatever fun pattern you like) and spray. Repeat the process until the entire sheet of craft paper is covered in red tomatoes. Note: overspray is acceptable and even encouraged in my world. I love the homemade feel of this! Allow to dry before using.

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