Libbie’s Life Hacks: 4 Clever Uses For Leftover Pickle Juice

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

So you just ate the last pickle in the jar…now what do you do with the juice?

Clever Uses For Leftover Pickle Juice! 
1. Cleaning Copper! From pennies to pots, dip a clean rag into pickle juice and rub the dirt away!
2. Season a Dish! A little pickle juice stirred into pimento cheese will take it to another layer or use pickle juice to brine your chicken before you fry it!
3. Weed Killer! Strain the pickle juice into a spray bottle and spray on your weeds.
4. Shooter! The Southerners call it a Pickle Back –A shot of pickle juice you drink after a shot of bourbon.

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