Peach Pitting 101

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

Aside from the slightly oppressive heat, everything about August in the South is cool and sweet –especially our organic Georgia Peaches.

Like all stone fruit, you need to remove the pit before you can cook, bake or grill it. Here’s a little 15 second tutorial to show you how easy it is.

How to Pit a Peach.
1. CUT: Starting at the stem end of the fruit, use a pairing knife and cut through to the pit. Run the knife all the way around the fruit, keeping the blade up against the pit, finishing where you started.
2. TWIST: Holding the fruit in your hands, gently twist each half in opposite directions until one half comes free from the pit. Set the half without the pit attached aside.
3. BEND: Bend the flesh of the fruit away from the pit to pop it loose.
4. REMOVE the pit.
5. Toss pits at unsuspecting camera person (optional)

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