Gumball Chandelier

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

I needed the perfect chandelier for a budget conscience preteen room inspired by gumballs. Everything I loved was over our budget, so we decided to make our own. What was a sad ($29) thrift store find is now an adorable chandelier over a vintage desk!

Bubblegum-inspired Chandelier
(makes 1)

What you need:
1 inexpensive newly wired chandelier to fit the size of your room (I used an 18″ diameter)
Painter’s tape
Spray paint (I used orange)
Gumballs of varying sizes and colors
Hot Glue
Round colored light bulbs

What to do:
Cheap Chandelier
1. Make sure your chandelier is wired well. If not, buy an inexpensive wiring kit from your hardware store and follow the directions. It’s super easy to do.
2. Remove anything dangling (like crystals) and save them for another craft project.
3. Use the painters tape to tape off each of the light sockets (I shove the tape down in the socket).
Chandeliers, Lighting, Fun Lighting, DIY
4. Spray paint the chandelier doing many light coats until completely covered.
5. Remove painters tape.
Chandeliers, DIY, Bubblegum Chandelier, Libbie Summers
6. Now is the fun part!!! Glue your gumballs onto the chandelier in fun patterns. There is no right or wrong answer here! Just have fun!!
7. Add round colored light bulbs.
DIY, Interior Design, Libbie Summers, Gumballs, Gumball Chandelier

Watch how this room came together!

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