Gumball Picture Frames

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by David Dempsey

The first time I covered a picture frame with edibles was in college. The second time was last week with these gumballs. I’m OBSESSED!!! I love how the different colors all work so well together, how they make what’s in the frame POP and that I got to chew so much gum while I was doing it.

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Gumball Picture Frame
makes 1

What you need: 
1 flat surfaced front picture frame
Gumballs (I used small gumballs)
Hot Glue
Cheeky picture or something else to frame

What to do: 
Decide on your pattern. I REALLY love the multi-colored one.

Remove the backing and glass from the frame and set aside. Working back and forth from each corner of the frame, hot glue gumballs along the edge until you reach the center of the row. You may need to figure out spacing as you go. I alternated colors…but in no particular pattern. Work your way around the frame gluing the gumballs on. Then do a second row. Replace the glass, add your cheeky picture and backing. Hang out of direct sunlight. So stinkin’ cute

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