Silhouette Church Fans

By Libbie Summers
Assisted by Candace Brower

My paternal grandmother, Annie Mae, was a devout Southern Baptist with a bible and a church pew marker that bore her name. Summer and winter she always carried a paper fan on a stick to Sunday morning service should the devil present himself. These, like many things in my life, were inspired by her.

What you’ll need:
Cell Phone
White Card Stock Paper
Sharp fine pointed scissors
Other Colored Card Stock and Fun Paper
Glue Stick
Long Craft Sticks
Flare (anything you want to embellish the fan! I love yarn! )

•Have your subject turn sideways and take a photo of them.
•Print out the photo on white card stock.
•Use the sharp fine pointed scissors to cut out the silhouette cutting in as much detail as you can around the hair, eyes, lips etc…
•Cut out a piece of colorful poster board or heavy card stock larger than your silhouette in a round, oval or square shape.
•Using the stick glue, cover the back side/printed side of your silhouette with glue and affix to the center of your larger colored paper.
•Glue and tape the stick to the center back of the fan allowing enough to hang out to act as a handle.
•Have fun with the flare to embellish the fan however you like…I like pom poms!

Variations: Once you cut out the silhouette, use it to trace on colorful wrapping paper and then affix it to the other card stock.
Silhouette Church Fans from Libbie Summers (photography ©2016 Cedric Smith)

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