DIY: How To Make A Candle From an Orange

By Libbie Summers Assisted by Candace Brower It’s winter in Savannah, GA and that means beautiful citrus trees are heavy with fruit. Yellow grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes ripening all around me. From my window as I write this, I can see two orange trees and one particular clementine tree where a militant orange tabby... Read More »

2015: The Year of Sequins

By Libbie Summers Photography by Anna Heritage   May 2015 be filled with love in your heart, laughter from your smile and lots of gold sequins on your back. Join me in doing your best to be present. Read More »

Hump Day: Chapter 7

“How come a dog isn’t a good dancer? Because they have two left feet.” –The Bitch on stupid jokes.    Read More »